parking spaces


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Why do some people require 3 parking spaces to park their car??? :banghead: my next door neighbours have 2 cars we have 2 cars but they insist on taking up half the F****** street to park a fiesta and a vectra its a total joke surely they can park a car? it is a test requirement these days to be able to park a car, is it not? starting to get so bad the wife has to park across the road, now even the ice-cream van wont stop because of spaces lol so if we run out of cigs we have to go out in the car for the 5min trip for cigs then return to have no space cos they've moved them to give them room to pull out without trouble :mad::mad::mad: sorry now thats of ma chest a feel better :yes:


i had this **** when i lived in stretford best way is to just knock on the guys door and tell him ... if that dosent work id buy a **** car for about 80 quid and just plant it in to the pair of em lol ....joke


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I've got neighbours on one side that have 3 cars, the neighbours on the other side have 2 cars, both sets of neighbours have a garage each! Do they use them? Do they F**k!! They'd rather park on the street and take up spaces that people who dont have the luxury of a garage need, people like me. Some people are selfish bast***ds!!!


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You think thats bad, try living across the road from a family of eastern european rag and bone men who have a fleet of seven fkn vans :keule::keule::keule::keule::keule: