parking sensors

john crossland

A4 Quattro Sport 1.8T (190)
so last year sensors started playing up. It seemed that they worked fine in the dry but if we had damp air(autumn/winter) then they would just make the continous beep sound.Now they just make that sound all the time whenever reverse is selected.
I have checked the leads and there all plugged in so was wondering if there was a relay somewhere that could be replaced to get them working?
any ideas

thanks in advance


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There is a thread asking exactly the same above this one, please use the search function.

If you out the car into reverse and then run your finger along each sensor you will feel a pulsing, the sensor that isnt pulsing will be the dead one.


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Best option is just to fix them, there is no relay, only a control module, we've changed these out for clients many times, water ingress eventually kills the sensors.

john crossland

A4 Quattro Sport 1.8T (190)
found the faulty sensor, its the second one from the left on rear bumper as you look at it.
anyone have the part number for this so i can order one as it seems i have to remove the bumper to replace them.apparently there are different part numbers for edge ones and middle ones.
rang audi but they wouldnt give the part no.:grumpy:
having some paintwork done next week so could do with getting the sensor painted at the same time


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I was under the impression they are all the same part number.
I've enquired about some on eBay as they claim to be genuine.
The part number for mine I think is 4B0 919 275 B
Mine are the round sensors with a flat top and bottom