Parking Sensors


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Hello everyone

My pre-facelift S3 has parking sensors on the rear. I have just had the car lowered and it's sitting nicely. Unfortunately it has now caused the parking sensors to go off constantly even when I have nothing behind me.
Anyone know if you can reset/adjust them so that they don't go off constantly??



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isnt there a switch to turn them off?



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I also have sensors and my motor is lowered to but can't see how they are going off coz you have lowered it
Are they oem fitment?
If they are check the control module located in the o/r panel in the boot
Unplug it and check the connecters as the get water in there and cause all sort of problems.
Mines caused me to unable to connect vag com as the k line wash shorting to ground
and before that it would work at times then not work

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Mine have stopped working a little while ago. I've checked fuse, checked all sensors, checked the little speaker in the n/s boot trim and still no joy. I'm now assuming its the module that has packed up but I cant find it. I know it's in the o/s boot panel but can't get in there as the bose amp is in the way and can't even take it out. I'm assuming you have to take the trim right apart to get the amp out? Help would be much appreciated, thanks.