Park assist visual display obdeleven

george forbes

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Not sure how much this will help anybody but since I'm new to the forum , Audi and obdeleven I decided to share this for others like me . after purchasing obdeleven I found that it was not as simple as just selecting an App and it does everything for you, by the way my car of choice is a 2015 PFL s3 in sepang blue.
anyway after struggling a bit I managed to code in chirp on unlock /lock and dip mirror but wanted to also activate visual display on MMI screen whilst in reverse with only rear sensors fitted, everything i had read said it could be done but all related to VCDS so after fiddling I managed with obdeleven, when clicking on app for park assist it did nothing but if you go to long coding and sacrifice 5 credits to trial you will see if you scroll down you will see OPS display, if you open that and click enable and then hold green button it should accept and you now have a visual display on MMI when engaging reverse that works in tandem with the acoustis tone