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Sep 6, 2006
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Hi all. I’m posting regarding any experience anyone has with a company called Parce Ferme (, a specialist valeting company based in Dorset.
Ok there not very close to me at all (South London, Croydon) but they have mobile units that will come to me at no extra charge.

Now I’ve been quoted £150 + VAT for an exterior + interior valet with machine polish. There also a Zymol Licensed Detailers, which I believe is a very good thing.

So, has anyone heard or used them before? They sound good and I’ve been e-mail back and forth so have made good contact plus they’ve answered most of my questions.

One other question is it best to have my detail done closer to summer or is now ok?

Many thanks in advance.
We spent 2 days with the directors of Parc Ferme in January, to do our official Zymol training (the directors of Parc Ferme are also the directors of Zymol Europe). The experience was excellent, and what we saw of Parc Ferme as a business was impressive. Their portfolio is superb, and I'd happily recommend them, as they seem to genuinely care about their customers. As for getting the detail done now or later, well, now is a good time, and it won't take much to maintain the finish they leave you through the summer. :)
Excellent! I was just abit worried that they didn't use good products or that when they do the job, it's more like a quick once over.

Do they use good tools and go into great detail? I mean when they come over there not gonna bring out the infamous sponge are they lol. Would they take paint readings and make sure the alloys are protected etc etc?

Sorry for all the questions hehe. Just very excited that your giving them the thumbs up so I might get the detail done as soon as next week!

Thanks for your help WX51TXR (what does the name mean btw lol) :)
Hmmm but won't the sponges make swirl marks on the paint even though it's Zymol ones lol.
Then again I am gonna get it machine polished. Now they say that I gotta pay extra for the Clay. Is it worth it?
Also, they don't take paint thickness readings, is that essential?
You'll be fine with the Zymol Sponges, but like you say, its getting machined anyways so it doesnt really matter :)

definitely worth claying the car, it makes such a difference to the overall appearance of the car :)
emzino said:
Also, they don't take paint thickness readings, is that essential?

In our book it is, but we are new school detailers, and Parc ferme are a more traditional valeting company who's methods are more traditional. There is no doubt whatsoever they are good at what they do, but if you want the reassurance of having your paint inspected and properly read as part of the detail, then they might not meet your needs. :)
they are our valeting company and the cars are always perfect when we get a valet done
They have the Porsche contract and they are brill
They did the full works on my car when I first got it and now it is so easy to look after
I use Zymol on my car and now have all the products and they are great

I rewax it every two months

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