Panther black with chrome or Glacier White with black pack 3 door S3


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Aug 16, 2013
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Just about to re-order a 3 door S3 and I'm torn between the panther black with chrome grill etc or the glacier white with black pack etc.
Both specs would be with the standard S3 wheels.
I know its personal taste and all but just wondered what you guys prefer on a 3 door S3?
i had a demo black with chrome and was a bit old man !
ended up ordering white with black pack
Black with black....and black wheels. Stealth. Tough.

Or white with black.

I'm not a fan of black with chrome personally.
3 door in white looks really good.
Would personally have it with chrome though.
Another vote for white here, you're buying an S3. I'd want mine to stand out in a crowd... Black just doesn't shout out sporty to me. Kinda just blends in with other cars.
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Had a Black A4 and a Black TT...... they only look clean for 5% of the time (a brief moment after washing)
Had a White TTS................ Looked the ******** 95% of the time... :)

I know which I'd pick!
mine is panther/chrome. I am very happy. i think its a question of undertstated (black) vs bling (white)
Another vote for white here, you're buying an S3. I'd want mine to stand out in a crowd... Black just doesn't shout out sporty to me. Kinda just blends in with other cars.

Lotus john player special 1972

Sporty enough for you? :lmfao:
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White with black - essentially my last S3 was ibis black edition. Very nice looking car. Had a TTS in glacier, again, a looker. Black wheels too if you're feeling daring - looks very good on a white S3. Only owned one black car (a Porsche 968 CS I had as my weekend toy many moons ago) and that was ****** nightmare to keep clean and showed swirl marks and scratches far too easily. Never going to get that colour again!
I couldn't find any photos of a Glacier White with black but my car spec shows it will look like this. I think white with black looks great but not so sure about darker colours:



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Cheers guys.
The white car above looks really great, everyone seems to prefer the white option too.
Has anyone ever seen a Panther Black does look really nice although I'm now very tempted by the white one above.
I think the white would look good with the panoramic roof, given it a contrasting dark roof look, anyone got the sunroof?
Saw this one one auto trader the other day. Made me wish I had got it on mine.

Got to be white, Glacier white is a lovely colour.
And it's so much easier to live with too. Looks cleaner for longer and any stone chips (damn things) don't show up. Looks clean and fresh.
Would agree that white stays cleaner looking for longer. My Estoril Blue is only clean for a day before it looks dusty.
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one thing I can tell you about a white car having owned white cars in the past is that certain panels tend to look dinged faster like the bumpers from road rash and the rear bumper from water stains. The side panels by the fenders also look faded fast. Little knicks in the paint from road rash look more apparent. of course this does not mean that white isn't a great colour for this car because it probably shows the contrasting the best.
Still white :) too much black looks like a hearse, especially in a sport back
If I had Panther black, i'd keep the silver grill/ window trim etc so in a 3 door should look good...decisions lol
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