Panel Filter vs. Induction Kit

Panel Filter vs Induction Kit

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What works best with the 2.0TDI and out of interest other engines?! :think:

I’ve seen a lot of people running the Green Cotton Filter and other panel filters

But then again

I’ve also seen people running a Induction kit/BMC cold air intake adapted from the original intake pipe.

Looking at the intake box it looks like the air flows highly restricted with the shape of the pipe but obviously Audi spend a lot of money designing their cars so may give better results using their box with a high flow panel filter?

How has everyone else made the decision, any power figures floating around?

Any information would be greatly appreciated :icon_thumright:


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i've got a 200 - 300 mile old K+N replacement filter for sale at £25 :thumbsup:


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Its hard to imagine a road tuned engine needing to flow more air that a panel filter can cope with.


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I know you're discussing a diesel,but as far as gas flows go,my S3 worked fine with a panel filter until remapped to over 310bhp.

Above that,and certainly for 360bhp,an induction kit was necessary,but as has been said,I can't see that you would need more than a less restrictive panel filter.


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BMC CDA on my 2.0tdi!


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BMC CDA on my 2.0tdi!

I like the look of thsoe BMC things mate how much are they?
Do they do them for a 3.0 TDi or any idea if the 2.0 would fit my 3.0 tdi?


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i have to admit im tempted by an induction kit but just for looks more than power. But i've been told they can cause issues with the VAG diesel engines and basically dont provide any gains over a standard box and filter.


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Having a little look on company websites :

They dont have a 2.0TDI engine dyno before and after results but they do have a 1.9TDI mk5 golf
Price: £215
Performance: +6hp :haha:

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Dont make one specifically for 2.0TDI

Pipercross Foam Panel Filter
Price: £35
Performance:30% more air flow...

Green Cotton Panel Filter
Price: £40
Performance: ???

Green Induction Kit
Price: £117
Performance: ???

Green Dynatwist System XL
Price: £280
Performance: ???

They are all claiming they increase power but dont show any evidence apart from BMC but 215 pound for 6hp :think: I dont find that a cost efficient mod!

I dont thinkit will really make too much difference what ever one i go for really but just would rather get the most i can out of MONEY:BHP ratio

Have you lot had any noticeable results when changing the standard filter?!