Paintwork damage - Advice needed


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Hi all

I was gutted recently to notice some damage to my front offside bumper. Unsure how it occurred. There appeared to be some white ?paint which washed off just with shampoo but it has damaged the paintwork and taken some of my paint off. It's predominantly on just one panel but possibly extends onto the panel above, just above the panel gap.

What would people recommend for repair, i.e. SMART repair or a 'traditional' job?

I have been quoted £225 + VAT (so £270) by one company, is this about right??

Photos attached (hopefully).



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Its horrible when this happens I know, we've had this done twice to the rear bumber of our fiesta whilst parked at work and we know it would have been caused by a teacher there. I would have though a mobile service would be able to repair the damage but it's up to you. I had my rear bumber of my a3 completely resprayed but I could tell the difference..


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Trouble is with a metallic having a localised smart repair would mean you can see the sprayed area as the can only go so far with matching.
Having said that a complete bumper respray would mean it's less noticeable as an area but under certain light you can still tell.
I had the front bumper on my 320d sprayed because of flaking clear coat, it was a good job, but the paint wasn't ever as hard so easily got chipped if you go this route then make sure you protect it as much as you can.


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I had one corner of my rear bumper repaired and resprayed after a minor scrape. The body shop warned me that colour matching might be a problem (which I knew) but I swear you wouldn't know which is the resprayed corner. I think it's partly the skill of the person who does the work and partly luck, although I wouldn't like to estimate the proportions! The work cost me £280, which I consider money well spent given the results.


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I had a really nasty paint gouge on the front of my bonnet that someone did in a public car park. It was massively deep and looked awful as you could see the white primer. I took it to a local smart repair and they resprayed the bonnet and they matched the colour and finish brilliantly!!

Like Wideboybloke said it all depends on the skill of the smart repairer, I only take my cars to a smart repairer who is a massive Audi enthusiast!! So I know he want's the car to be finished as well as me...