Paintless Dent removal - East of England - Write Up and Pics


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I just wanted to share my experience of a paintless dent removal expert for the East of England.

I had the usual issue of an inconsiderate twit opening the door of their 4 x 4 into the rear passenger door of my S3 SB and leaving two nice dents in the door skin.

The dents were above the upper crease line of the door ( above the handle ) so were pretty inaccesible and I was worried how easily they would come out.




After speaking to a couple of bodyshops, they reckoned the dents would have dented both the outer and inner skins ( the door is double skinned in that area ) and had quotes of several hundred pounds to fix it, so I thought I would try to find a PDR expert to have a look and contacted a firm called 'DENTS +'.

The guy is called Michael Toon, he works with many of the dealerships in the East of England and has done so for over 18 years, and the job he has done is bordering on the miraculous.

I have always been a big sceptic of these services in the past, but this has made me a convert.

Mike turned up in the pouring rain, took one look and felt confident that he could remove both the dents so set to work.

After opening the door and removing the rubber cap at the top of the inner door, Mike saw just a small hole ( approx. 5mm round ) and said that this would be all the access he would need to get the 'bars' in.

I had a couple of things to do, so after being assured he didn't want any tea or any cover from the rain, I thought I would leave him alone for 30 mins and then come back out to check how things were going.

After 20 mins, Mike knocked on the door and said that he had finished and the results were as good as he could get, but could I just confirm that it was acceptable to me.

I wandered around to the door nervously, and spent the next 5 minutes trying to see any trace of the damage whatsoever and failing miserably !!!

The guy is an absolute genius,and I told him that i would mention his work on here so that you guys could make use of someone that I consider to be an absolute artist.



The pictures speak for themselves, and I know that it is a bit hit and miss to find someone you would trust with this kind of repair, but i am totally happy to recommend Mike to anyone in the area.

The details are below and they have a web-site but it is a one man show so if you contact them, it will be Mike who turns up.

I haven't got any kind of affiliation with the company at all.....I just know how nervous I was about doing this and wanted to recommend someone i've found who is good and I am happy to recommend to others.

( Dents + is based in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and we cover Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. We are completely mobile and we can come to your home address or place of work whichever is more convenient to you. We are FULLY INSURED and Guarantee our workmanship.

We have 18 years of experience and continually monitor our standards and expertise.
On this basis we can offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, providing a service that we agree before the repair has started. We are proud to boast that most of our work comes through recommendation and we have a good relationship with our main contracts.

For further information please contact us by email or telephone.
Please telephone 07850 519545 now for a free no obligation quote )
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Looks great, do you mind if I ask how much that cost?

I used to know a guy where I used to live (now well out of his area) and you are right it's an absolute art form what they can do!


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Wow, would love to know the cost of this as I'd prefer to do this than use chips away to fill & paint over


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WOW thats amazing results there, u must be relieved with that. Good as new

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I used Dents Plus (the agent was based in Oxfordshire at the time) on my last car a few years ago to remove a crease on the rear quarter of my 3 door Golf GTI which some idiot did with their car door. The result was fantastic and cost £60 (think that was in 2005). They can only do it if the paint is undamaged though.


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