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Painting 8P Pre-Facelift Grill (Tips & Tricks) - Help

scotty dugg Jun 22, 2016

  1. scotty dugg

    scotty dugg Active Member Silver Supporter Audi S3 quattro

    Hi All,

    Been fixing up a broken pre-facelift grille for fitting to my 57' S3, almost at the stage to start painting.

    Just looking for some tips/tricks for getting a good finish, I know it's all in the prep work, but do people primer first or use a bonding agent or just go straight in with the paint then laquer?

    I've tried sanding off as much chrome as I can to help everything bond correctly.

    I've read these are polycarbonate (potentially) so can react with certain paints?

    Any help or advice appreciated.

    Intend to do a post on the entire process once completed to hopefully help out others.


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