Paint splatter on my paintwork


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Hi - painters at work painting the outside of the building managed to get tiny splatters of white paint all over my car. It was the wind apparently. Anyway, they offered to pay for the paintwork to be corrected. It was apparently water based paint, tiny dots but by the time I'd noticed was about a week later. A friend of mine machine polished the car which got rid of the majority of the paint dots but a few stubborn ones remain.... they are very hard - cant pick them off.

so... any suggestions on what I could try on those stubborn ones ? I have been researching and read nail varnish remover, white spirit, thinners... as its water based I'm not sure if they are valid options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I had the same sort of thing and was advised by the knowledgeable ones on here to clay bar it, which I did and it worked fine.
So try claying it, as recommended by ASN's detailing gurus, and me.


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i had a similar problem on my car that polish, and clay bars would not shift!
i had white splashes of some very stubborn unknown paint that just would not budge!
i fixed this by asking a few pro's on detailing world, and there answers worked for me!
and was as follows!
wash car first
fill a small pot with PETROL, that is correct petrol and some cotton buds!
fill another bucket of car shampoo.
after washing car and drying it, apply petrol with cotton bud direct to a spot of paint, gently dabbing and gradually dissolving it!
have patience and do not scrub, but gently moisten the spot with petrol, over and over until as if by magic! it just lifts away! as the petrol will have dissolved its adhesion to the paint!
when the spot has gone, rinse thoroughly with your shampoo to remove the petrol!
repeat on all areas, but being very careful not to do this on plastic trim areas, then wash car fully!
this WILL remove them!
trust me!
they were too big on my car, (about a pin head size) for a clay bar to remove safely, and this method worked for me! any larger than this and you can actually mar the paint by removing with a clay bar, as it rips it off the paint surface!
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what about a Meguiars Glaze, i used to use this on my black paint when it got bad over winter and the paint got marked by the weather, really badly. when nothing else shifted it i used a Megs Glaze out of the professional range. BUT you will have to research the number yourself because i cant remember, sorry


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I used wd40 to remove road tar!!!!! which was all the way along the outer cill worked a treat. then just simply give car a good premium wash. Don't forget try a small area first.


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Ive used those dylon clothes stain removers before, theres one that does paint and tar.Get it from a supermarket, but dont get the dr beckman stuff cos its shhyte.Just dab it on and wash off.If you are trying any method try it on a small bit of a door shut just to make sure