Paint on paint!


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Hi Guys. My s3 was parked in work yesterday (outside)

On jumping in the car i noticed small specs of red paint on my bonnet! It turns out the yard next door have been spray painting outside!

I have to go and see the manager on Tuesday to see if they will pay to ammend the damage.

Is there anything in the meantime i can do to try and remove it? Clay bar? Or am i best off leaving it and see if they will pay to have it done professionally?


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To be honest if they are paying for it, I'd take it to someone to do! Why risk doing it yourself to save them a few quid?!?!? If you damaged it you'd be gutted.


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Try some IPA and wipe off with a MF, as it is essentially white spirit/paint thinners. Basically a petroleum based solvent.


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What a pain, sorry to hear that. When you say they were spraying, what were they spraying? Could it be a water based product?

Tbh if it was me I would leave well alone and see what the company say next week. Make a call from there