B8 Paint colour K80 on 5 spoke v wheels. Where to get it?


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I am sorting the kerbing marks and pot hole damage ( problem of 30 profile tyres ) and whilst the wheel code says the colour is L8AU the diamond cut front of the spoke is painted in a silver and then it looks like the whole wheel was lacquered. When I had a wheel crack I took it to a wheel repairer, after buying a replacement, (never have a cracked wheel in France on a Sunday when you don't have a spare!!) He told me that the wheels had been repaired previously. I am assuming the repairer prior to my ownership painted them rather than leave as the finished diamond cut.
Looking at loads of data and sites and the only one reference is this site; aluminium rim; hub cap Audi RS4/Avant quattro (RS4) 2015 year Audi EUROPA 601090 (7zap.com) This clearly states K80 as a secondary colour / finish. I did see somewhere it was a polished finish (presumably leaving it with just lacquer). However there is a site; Audi-VW-Wheel Fine Aluminum (Code K80) - Pint - Touch Up Zone . This is expensive and from USA so import charges additional no doubt and not able to get less than 1 litre.
I have seen on this forum that it may be that L1H7 Avus Silver is used.
Any ideas or help welcomed and appreciated.