Paint chip repair advice please!


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Hi guys
I have 3 quite large and deep paint chips near the rear left wheel arch (see pic below). Given their location and proximity I can say they are not stone chips, I don't know how they got there but I am assuming someone caused it and it certainly wasn't me.

I dont want to get it resprayed as the panel is huge and it's not something I want to pay for right now. I have already ordered an audi paint touch up stick. My car is silver metallic so from reading around it seems this isn't an easy fix. I am not very handy and live in central london so don't have a garage or loads of tools. Right now I am thinking:

- Use audi touch up stick to put a blob of paint on each chip then use Langka (I still need to order this) to flatten it down, and then do the same with the laquer. The alternative I am thinking about is to put the paint on gradually so I build it up in layers?

Some advice would be welcome as I don't want to screw this up and make it look worse!



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I've used the touch up pen to good effect on my silver met A3, used a very thin artists brush to apply

Then a couple of coats with the lacquer included, unless you want a respray you won't get a better finish IMO


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the thing with silver is its never going to look 100% unless you get it resprayed the colour is hardly ever bang on its just one of those colours , but as cloughy said the best way is to build up the layers bit by bit then a few coats of clear onto