SQ5 P2146 Fault


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Hoping someone can help on here.

The other week whilst driving down the motorway (2013 SQ5) I had the cruise control on, I accelerated to overtake the distance control kicked in briefly. The next thing I know I lost all power and the glow plug light started flashing. Pulled over ignition off then on and car wouldn't start. Towed off the motorway.

Scanned for codes with a Carly and had code P1246 Fuel injector group "A" supply voltage circuit open.

Since getting the car home it will start just about but is not drivable. I have check all the injectors for resistance and they all have very similar resistance. The car definitely seems to be running on 3 cylinders (R/H bank). Also had a noid light on all the injector plugs and that appears ok. I can pull the injector plugs off the L/H bank and the car will still run as soon as i take on off the R/H bank car stalls. I also have a P0522 Oil pressure sensor circuit low voltage I'm not sure if this is a result of not making oil pressure because the car is running so poorly. I have bought a second hand ECU as I was pretty sure that was the problem but not convinced.

Any help or other checks that anyone can suggest much appreciated


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Friend has same car, he had injectors done for similar issues afaik, I'll check my chat logs.