P2146 Audi sq5 3.0tdi


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May 21, 2016
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Need some help,

I was driving the car and I accelerated and lost all power and engine began to misfire and diesel was on the road when I pulled over and glow plugs flashing.
I got out noticed the fuel line had blew off injector 3 indicating to myself that injector 3 had failed… (I’m no mechanic just my thinking). So placed it back in and still misfiring bad. Got recorded back to the garage and then replaced injector 3 as when we took it out it was fried. Coded new injector in etc and started. Car then ran fine idiling no misfire nothing. Gave slight rev still good no issues. Then soon as went to drive and went over 2.5k revs engine begins to misfire again, no where near as bad as first time but still misfire and flow plugs flashing..

Plugged in and it’s flashing up p2146 voltage to bank a…
Did some live data and noticed injector 3 fuel pressure calibration point 1, 2, 3 all had no data in a were 0, other injectors was showing data (3 was the injector replaced)
did another test and I seen injector 3 was under fuelling and injector 1 was overfuelling probably matching the same as 3…. So my thoughts behind this either injector 1 is a dud and overfuelling and injector 3 is underfueling to compensate for the overfuelling? Or vis Versa….
so decided to swap injector 2 and 3 over. Same results so still ports 1 and 3 same figures. So it’s not the new injector I don’t think and believe it’s injector 1 the issue?
I’m going to try swapping injector 1 and 2 over next to see if figures show injector 2 overfuelling etc.

I checked fuel lines for blockages incase injector 3 was blocked and that’s why underfuelling… all clear
I’ve checked harness, fuses and also voltage on injectors all seem ok.

has anyone else had any similar problems or advice?

obv the code is related to voltage of the injector circuit in bank a, so personally would think it’s electrical fuse wiring issue, but mechanic adamant that’s all ok. And says he thinks Injector one. So I’ll try change injector one round but don’t want to keep buying more and more injectors and it turns out to be electrical or something else.