Q5 P2002 - particulate trap bank 1 - DTC help


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hi guys, I helped a mate with his 2.0 tdi Q5 tonight as he had error code -
P2002 - particulate trap bank 1 - efficiency bellow threshold

just as a bit of background info he had the glow plugs replaced last week, so not sure if any sensors are around them that could cause it, wouldn't have thought so but im not familiar with these and as much info as possible helps.
95,000 miles on the car and he has been on a good run and hammered it but not delved enough to know when the last one was.

I have done some digging and I believe this is what is required -

1. try to force a regeneration and check pipes to the filter
2. apparently someone else has a similar issue and replaced a g450 sensor and adapted it and forced a regen and this fixed it ( I believe they have 2 sensors)
3. if the above fails then the filter is beyond repair and requires a new/ second hand one.

anyone had this issue?

thanks for any advice :)


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at nearly 100k miles your going to be looking at replacing it or removing it. Theres lots of companies offering removal i can recommend fr&rtuning in bradford if your anywhere around there :salute:


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Thanks for the reply :)
Any idea on cost please? My mate is based in Manchester so not too far

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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You best off ringing around for prices' they vary quiet abit, we are North East based' £320-£340 for it removed and mapped out, we can also clean it with an advanced 3 stage chemical clean if you want to keep the unit for £120