P0471 code on 1.6TDI


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Hi guys.

An engine light has flashed up on my dash and using the code scanner I have, it comes up with a single P0471 code "Exhaust Pressure Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance".

Looking up similar codes online for other VAG group cars, I have located what I believe to be the exhaust pressure sensor in my car (near the back of the engine under a heat resistant cover) and see the part 04L 906 051.

Will simply swapping this sensor be enough to sort the problem?

I have read forums for the older A3 8P model where the car needs a G450 adaptation through VCDS after switching the exhaust pressure sensor. Is this also the case for the 8V?

The car is a 2014 (64) A3 8V Sportback with a 1.6TDI engine.

Thank you all in advance!

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Seen this issue before and you can change the sensor and the ecu will adapt to it over time however it is usually best to fit the sensor, clear the codes and carry out an adaption.


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Thanks RobinA3 went ahead and replaced the sensor then borrowed a friend's laptop with VCDS to adapt the sensor. Cleared the codes after and ran another scan and the issue looks to be fixed now.

Thanks again for your help :)


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Hi Robin A3 and Rajj. I have the same code p0471 showing on my audi a3 1.6tdi (64 plate) saloon. Been to mechanic today and he suggested to put in JLM DPF cleaner and take it for a drive with high revs and if it didn't work may need to replace DPF or do a bypass. Car is not loosing power and seem to be driving fine and now reading comments in two minds whether to change the sensor first. Any thoughts and opinions?