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Mar 25, 2021
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Aloha everyone!,

So this just recently started happening with my car. I have a 2013 A6 Base model 2.0T and I have been running it with an open intake. Basically I just took the stock box off and put on an aftermarket filter. Running it like that for a few months along with turbo muffler delete and a DV spacer. I took my car in to get an oil change nothing wrong. Mechanic asked me if I had any issues driving I said no why do you ask. Apparently my plastic turbo intake pipe had melted had a big *** hole in it. I ordered a new one it came in I installed it no problems. 2 days later while driving my kids to the grocery store car started losing power, I pulled over motor was shaking. Turned around went home plugged in my OBD scanner and I got error codes P0299 & P0506! I checked everything all vacuum lines charge pipe etc.. I changed the DV removed the spacer, scanned it again codes gone. I started it up and bam engine light on again both codes back. I took the downpipe/cat off checked the turbo from the exhaust side everything is fine no play with the flap for the boost even. All my lines and pipes are fine no cracks leaks tears I mean I basically looked it over. I don't know what to else to look for car idles like crap no boost there is a leak somewhere and I'm not sure where the hell it is! Can anyone help me out PLEASE!! Warranty expired and the Audi dealer in Hawaii man they charge a **** load for every little thing.

2013 A6 C7 2.0T Base CT test pipe, H&R drop springs NO TUNES AT ALL