P0089 Low pressure fuel regulator performance engine code


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Mar 25, 2017
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Hi , my old B7 2.0T quattro which is now owned by my brother has shown engine management light and this code retrieved via OBD2. Unfortunately he's the other end of the country so I can't get my mate mechanic to check it over, and bros not much of car guy!

Annoyingly he wants to drive to France in 2 days time and has just informed me of it!

I had this error last year for a couple of days before it cleared. And it appears to have cleared after a coupe of days this time again.

I am aware it could be cam follower needing checked out (13 years old of 94k)
Or a low pressure fuel sensor, HPFP or fuel filter (abut this was changed less than 2 years ago , and 12k miles) .
I have read loads before about this on another forums and many have the light on intermittently or permanently without too much problem.

However have told home to get cam follower checked asap.

Anyone have this code / problem as well?