P0087, P1602 and P2293


Audi s3 8p 2009 st 2
Jul 24, 2017
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Ive been having some issues with low power on a stage 2 bluefin car.

I have a P0087 and P1602 DTC logged and the other day i had an intermittent P2293

  • P1602. I suspect this code came out as the battery was disconnected the other day while some sound was installed.
  • P0087 and P2293: I have recently changed the cam follower and the DV looks good. Its time for me to change spark plugs too but is there anything else I need to be aware of. I read on another forum that it could be a fuel pressure regulator or a fuel pressure sender but not too sure. I have and OBD2 reader, is there anything i can log to try and trouble shoot this?


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Take your Map off, clear the codes, take the car for a run and then rescan with VCDS.

Have you checked the '87 and '93 codes on Ross-Tech?
Thanks. Taking map off this evening

Yes I’ve checked the Ross tech page but there are many suggestions, not really a list of what’s most common for an s3 8p