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P0012 Alarm .. again

AGB-S3 May 17, 2018

  1. AGB-S3

    AGB-S3 Active Member

    What is it with this P0012 alarm , the car's running fine , not had a ecu flag for a year , since the last episode , ok, its wrecked a new yuasa battery in 2 years , i think shaken it to bits with the hard suspension, but that has a 5 year ticket ) 8/10,000 miles on the clock and a gear box change , but apart from that , absolutely nothing has gone wrong , just a normal year

    Changed the battery , car is powered down , but the radio keeps the channels , dash clock reset, takes a few turns to start first time , go to work and back , 20 x20 miles mixed driving , half way home , notice ecu flag, no idea when it showed up .. P0012 alarm is back , reminds me of 'Johnny in the shining ..

    Cleared the ecu fault , [ only code ] engines running fine .. back to work the next day , 20x20 miles no flag ...still no flag ,,,

    Foible or Fault ?


    Moon landing had the same problem
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