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Overtightened control arm bolt/nut! Urgent Advice pls!!

NiceblokeniceNfat Nov 23, 2018

  1. Ok well we've all had this I'm sure...couldn't get torque wrench into tight space to do up the bolts/nuts for upper front control arms.
    50nm plus 1/4 turn... I researched and most people advised to estimate..so I did. 3 of the arms I probably went tighter than the spec but it's hard to judge using 2 spanners locked together, but those 3 were still tight and fighting me to not tighten further.... however the last one tightened so much that it started to get easier.. not good I think.
    I'll add that once I could feel it getting easier I'd only gone about a 1/4 turn further so not much.
    These are I think 10.9 grade proper bolts bought new not reused ones btw.

    You clever guys out there in the know....what do you reckon. Will it be ok? or am I gonna have to take the strut out, undo all the new strut bolts that I've already torqued to spec etc.. to put another bolt/nut into this control arm.

    Pls guys don't just read, try and help as this is serious... obviously your advice is much appreciated!
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  3. And regarding the other 3 arms that didn't go past the point to feel easier...they were very tight but do we reckon they're gonna be ok?
  4. Mr DJ MOORE

    Mr DJ MOORE Member

    NiceBloke. I had the same. I brought new bolts and one of them started to get easier, I took it out and could see the thread had stretched so I put in one of the old bolts as a tempoary measure.
  5. Yeah I was gonna use one of the old bolts... then paranoia set in about what people often advise reg NOT REUSING TTY BOLTS!!! haha so I got some new bolts.
    Then I thought...well the others I did too tight albeit without any feel of them getting easier...perhaps being too tight might also be a bad thing right?

    So came today to do the work and thought I'd try an uneducated theory.. I thought surely if the thread in question is stripped then it wouldn't get tighter when tightening. However I had a go with my 2 linked together spanners and it went a further 1/8 turn before getting too tight to do more...sure I couldn't would up the pressure but didn't wanna push it... That sound stripped to you?
    How did yours feel easier? Was it massively easier and the easiness (?) increased with further turns?
  6. Mr DJ MOORE

    Mr DJ MOORE Member

    It just didn't feel right. As I tightened it it got easier and I worried about it snapping so I backed it out.
    I think I must have had my torque wrench set wrong or had a faulty bolt. I put the old ones back in temporarily till new ones arrived.

    Attached is a picture of the thread you can see where it stretched.

    Attached Files:

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  7. ****** hell!!

    Ah that's the pinch bolt 45nm... no probs. Sadly I can't fit the torque wrench in to tighten the upper front control arms after preloading the bushes..

    Your got easier to turn and mine gets harder to turn tighter... I thought that could be positive but another member just told me that that tightness could be from the thread chewing itself up! Ahhhh bol*oc*s hahaha.

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