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Dec 23, 2012
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So the rs has gone for a few days and I've had the pleasure of driving my brothers lambo (again!) it's not an easy car to drive but the attention this thing gets coupled with the tubi exhaust is unreal! Best way of driving it is to be very aggressive with the clutch and throttle it doesn't do slow very well at all, so I'm looking forward to having the rs back in the next hour if you ever get the chance to drive one see past the crap driving position, heavy clutch, on off throttle and poor ground clearence because these cars are an "event" to drive, I don't think I would ever own one but a v8 r8 with a tubi or capristo exhaust which I imagine would be an easier drive may have to go on the "itch to scratch list" along with the 997 turbo.


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Looks like a series 2 E-Gear? Not easy cars to drive slow like you say but when you get 40mph plus they are so compliant. Was in an Aventador last weekend and the acceleration in sport I can only liken to launch control in the '3 but whenever you hit the accelerator hard. Corsa snaps your neck off! But not as hard to drive as you would think. And then there is the noise...
It's an 05 manual with that rare option of a cassette player now I know he's been on the look out for an f430 at the right sort of money and he's on about keeping the lambo and tvr, I can't wait for that to happen I'll get to borrow that too!
Nice motor, can I ask what your Brother does? I might need to take a course in that ;)
I get asked that often he's a senior lecturer in engineering but an absolute petrol head, some wise investments in the 80s and 90s are paying for his cars,
I get asked that often he's a senior lecturer in engineering but an absolute petrol head, some wise investments in the 80s and 90s are paying for his cars,

Decent effort.

I wish i had my head screwed on when i was younger. Unfortunately going out, getting drunk and having one night lady friends took precedence........:keule:

Awesome looking motor. I'd be too scared to drive that on my local roads. Id have to get it put on a flatbed truck to get it out of my street due to the craters in the road!
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It must be a lot of fun driving the Lambo around, not a bad 'loan' car!:cool: It's amazing how quickly we've all got used to performance cars being easy to drive anything quickish used to have it's own flaws (like heavy clutch/gear shift etc) and temperament that used to get called character. Now it seems almost everything is easy to drive and quite a lot faster.
Mbk here's one example, today we went to ripon to purchase a nearly new astra estate it's our 23rd wedding anniversary I promised her a new car (I use her car for the rental properties we own) there's a road that goes from pool bank all the way to the west of Harrogate it's about 8 miles long an absolute belter of a road, we went in the 3 it all just came together grip, low down torque, s tronic ripping through the gears, tight bends, dips, crests, it's the most fun I've had fully clothed I had to pull over at one point the wife said its like being at Alton towers and I feel sick! There's no way I could have peddled the lambo down that road in a similar fashion.
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