Ouch - Chris Harris is at it again!


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Audi S3 revelation: PH Blog - PistonHeads

I was probably one of the blind-faith fanboys he talks about! You have to laugh because you know he is saying it for effect and to gain the love of the rwd set on that site. Pretty much the only thing I do agree with is that the S3 makes the new WRX STi look like a dinosaur, great shame that. Anyone also on here also that forum want to make a reply?

evo magazine didn't agree, unusual for them to be so far apart.
Audi S3 2013 model review | evo

Also very interesting article in Auto Express where the new Golf R and RSQ3 both reached 60 in the wet in 4.5s...that is quick for 300bhp and both 0.1 quicker than the A45 AMG on the same day/conditions.

Just thought I'd share and (though I doubt you were wondering) yes I'm having a silly amount of vehicular fun but they are stories for another time and forum.


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I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore: I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore: I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore: I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore: I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore: I Love Chris, I don't care of his Audi comments anymore...


Funny how he keeps the RS3 bashing up in an article on the S3 :think:

Compare the 8P S3 to the 8V S3 and leave the RS3 appraisals to those of us who actually own/owned one of these superb cars.


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Hmm a competent rear drive hatch with the best tyres money can buy on a circuit? It's bound to feel better, as we all know the 3 responds well to better tyres mix some rain into his road/circuit test I'm sure the outcome would have been different even on contis, does everyone who owns an rs3 think its a bone jarring under steering **** box?
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Nope, you've got to view his comments as the entertainment they are, he is playing to his crowd, I quite admire him for that. I'll suggest that this love for the new S3 is actually a ruse so that when he tests it against a later BuMW he can can say that car "is a whole new thing" - check his P1 video if you haven't seen it. He got, quite rightly, very excited.

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The guy is a chimp :)

he is a class one bellend, anyone who has a different opinion to him is a fanboy .... what a twat

he is rapidly turning into clarkson MKII ... which is a real shame as some of his stuff is superb (P1, lister jag at goodwood etc)

but he craves attention rather than quality jurnoing and he has his little army on PH all on their knee's with their mouths open ready to please him lol

and i know the RS3 is a flawed package so far from perfect (i like the ride thou, it makes the car feel alive), MPSS's do help a lot, but then i bought it as a road car not for track use. Funny thou that he put his money into an S4 which apart from the engine is one of the dullest cars audi have ever made lol


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I might be missing something here but, he is reviewing the S3 and quite likes it. To draw comparisons to the RS3 is valid for review purposes - he's merely saying he prefers one over the other. The RS3 is a strange beast and no wonder it took Audi so long to bring it to fruition. I for one just didn't get the price differential between the S3 and RS3 and didn't think it was justified. It will be interesting to see what Audi does with the RS3 8V on pricing.