Ordering a 'Standheizung' (Parking heater) in the UK?


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As with so many nice gadgets found when ordering a German Audi. Anyone able to convince Audi UK to order the parking heater (timed and remote) when ordering a new S5?

I know Standheizung sometimes translates to Auxiliary heater, but some people confuse that with the automatic Diesel heater.

Webasto in the UK essentially calls it Parking Heater so I hope it makes sense.

I know you can retrofit them, but I always think it is cleaner from factory.

And I presume Black Optics and Black Edition for the S5 remain illusive to us Brits?


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You can’t order anything from another market, if your build is for the UK market.

I wanted Black Edition on the S7 which I ordered brand new. It’s an option in Europe on the S7, but my dealer and Audi UK refused to spec it as it wasn’t a UK build option.

I ended up making it a Black Edition myself.

Ironic that it’s now an option on the current S7 package :wtf:


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Yea don't get it - given they are built in the same factory and the parts are probably identical - just a matter of sticking it on.

I do wonder though if you can still order the parts and pay for labour - assuming money isn't an issue. When I ordered my A3 I wanted a cruise control and as it turned out they didn't actually fit it at the factory by default but had it fitted when the car arrived at the dealer's ..

Not sure if that was / is normal or just a f** up of the dealer forgetting to order it and retrofitting ..

It seems, for the heater at least, the price Germany catalog <> online via Webasto is similar - so you don't really lose anything when retrofitting - apart from a default Audi branded button inside the car maybe.

As it turns out getting out of my current PCP is too expensive anyway so can't get the car this year as I intended so need to wait anyway ... Maybe they offer the Black Edition / Black Optics eventually.


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For some things maybe, but surely the difference in LHD or RHD shouldn't matter when it comes to extras like Black Optics / Black Edition ?


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Given almost a third of the world's population drives on the right (correct side, sorry, couldn't resist!) - Australia; India; Ireland; Japan; New Zealand; South and generally south eastern Africa; Thailand and UK and more, I would have thought most manufacturers see this as a must, no?