Q7 Ordered New SQ7 Vorsprung


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Having owned a Q7 3.0 4M S-line for nearly 4 years, I ordered a new SQ7 a short while back, any excuse to enjoy a big petrol engine until we all go electric..... I did have a look around at other options (GLE 53, RR SVR) they were both nice tbh and in my opinion but as an overall package the SQ7 felt much better. I will be honest I have never been a big fan of the looks of the Q7 (pre and post facelift) but you can't have everything, and sitting inside the car it does not matter anyway.

My old Q7 was sold last week (via Motorway) got a really good price and hassle free. SQ7 left the factory last week and hoping it will be here in the next few weeks, delivery times seem hit and miss at the moment and disappointing you can't track new orders anymore...