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Ordered 2.0TFSI

MAS100 Jan 16, 2018

  1. MAS100

    MAS100 New Member

    Ordered on 31st January. However haven't got a build week yet. Does anyone know approx waiting times? Also I'm told that in the UK there is a glich with the Configurator which doesn't allow me to order Tech Pack with Driving Assistant Pack. Anyone else had this experience? My Audi dealer is trying to get this resolved!
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  3. france71

    france71 Active Member

    You will enjoy. I have the 2.0 TFSi Allroad and don't regret my choice. Having moved away from 16 years of diesel it was a big change to go back to petrol.
    Not sure of waiting times in the UK but I ordered my car in France with about 80% of the options available and it was a 7 week delivery time.

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