Order placed - 2.0TDI S-Line Sportback in Daytona Grey


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After much deliberation over spec and colour, I placed my order today. I'm expecting delivery around April - seems a long time to wait!

The spec I have gone for is:

Daytona Grey
Technology Pack
Comfort Pack
Interior Lighting Pack
B&O Advanced Sound system
DAB Radio
Fine Nappa Leather seats
Heated Front seats
Audi Parking System Plus
Electric lumbar support
Aluminium roof rails
Through load facility
Rear side airbags
Electric heated/folding/dimming mirrors
Extended mono.pur Interior finish

I think that's everything - can't wait for the spring, does anyone have a time machine???

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me decide on the spec, colour, etc, especially Vertigo1 (Toby) who met me on a very rainy day and blew me away with his B&O audio!


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I ordered my new Sportback through the leasing company a month ago and today I got an estimated delivered date of 15th April 2013.
19 weeks and six days, but who is counting!


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Nice spec - see you went with Daytona after all the deliberating :)

Sure April will come round much sooner than you expect :)


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Very nice sounding spec, sounds expensive!


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Thanks guys.

Vertigo1 - had to be Daytona in the end. I really like the black, and part of me wanted a change - but I know how good it will look in Daytona......thanks to you!

VeeDubDan - yes it's certainly a lot of options! It's a company car, so knocking off some of the perhaps less 'essential' options doesn't really save me much money to be honest, it isn't really worth it.

For the same money, if I wanted an A4 (which is now a 5 yr old design) it would only get me an SE Technik with pretty much no options. Still a nice car, but no comparison!


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Update......I'm still waiting for a 'proposed stock date' from our firm's lease company. There is a date of June 13 against my order but I'm hoping (scratch that, praying) that is just an indicative date......gulp.


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Well, our firm's lease company has confirmed the delivery date - still June - aaaaaarrrrrgh!

I am now driving my A6 like a vicar, to make my tyres last!


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I've also changed mine now from Phantom Black to Daytona Grey. I had to go to the dealer to sign the updated order form for something else, and it got me thinking about colour again. After seeing Daytona up close it just looks awesome, even more so than in the photos on here. Had to change, and am now very happy :)

Should get an idea of delivery in the New Year.


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Dave did you go for the s-line suspension or de sports? Can't seem to find s-line suspenion demo cars in The Netherlands.:sorry:


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I went for the sports suspension (standard on the S-Line). I figured it would be the best compromise - and it's what I test drove so I know how it 'feels'.


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Ok, over here you get the s-line suspension as standard on s-line spec. Can downgrade to sports or normal suspension.