Orange Peel


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Anyone noticed this on their car? I've reported it to Audi but they request hi-res images now. Basically it'll be another battle with them. I wondered if anyone had been down this route and what the outcome was.
Their paint finish is pretty poor, they obviously have no tolerances as their DFT readings are ludicrous.

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They all do that Sir! Finish on my RS3 is ok to the un-trained eye (like mine) however the chap that details it was most surprised ...



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My old nemesis orange peel, i had a foray into orange peel correction not so long ago, but i hit the f**k this for a lark limit very quickly, at one point I was sure I was going to correct the orange peel on my wife's Golf, until i tried it on a scrap panel, and realised what a chore it would be to do an entire car...

every single car i have looked at recently has had some degree of orange peel, seems to be worse on BMW's, and with Audi/VW it seems to be more prevalent on the vertical panels.