+ or - on lance


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Just read two articles that mentioned the setting, each one gave a different use of it:

1) You are now ready to use the Snow Foam Lance by switching on your machine and altering the black adjuster on top of the lance for your desired foam. The adjustments are: towards the + on the knob gives you more water = less foam and towards the - on the knob gives you less water and more foam for a stronger mix.

2) The plus(+) or minus (-) adjusts the flow of solution into the water stream. The solution in the bottle is entrained into the water stream.... the water stream does not enter the bottle. Low pressure is created at the head of the bottle as the high pressure water passes (venturi principle), in affect 'pulling' the solution into the main stream. Therefore turning the dial in the + direction will increase the amount of solution and thicken the foam... turning to the - (minus) reduces or restricts the opening allowing less solution to pass.

So which one is correct??? Mine is always set to the + side, but I need to measure it to use the Bilt Hamber snow foam, so which way will turn the detergent feed on full???


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I just use which ever gives me thicker foam!

Wanting to find a mtm cannon next, as mine makes runny bubbly foam until you dial the knob back a touch and them put it back....does it every time I release bthe trigger


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- gives thicker foam on mine too. Is the one from AutoBrite.