Opinions wanted!


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I'm curious as to what people use for valuing their car...
I'm looking to get a price on the following:

A6 Black Edition - Registered New at July 2016
3.0TDI (272PS) Quattro S-Tronic
Metallic Black
Alcantara/Leather Interior
9750 miles

No other extras. Non-smoking.

Not a sales post just would like some guidance...

Thanks all!

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Parkers Guide (WHSmiths) or Auto trader will give you a rough guide. Just look for cars with similar options and mileage. Some of the prices will be retail, so you should take a couple of k off

If you want something quick and dirty, and don't mind a few emails, webuyanycar.com is as good a place as any, and they will pay (subject to inspection) what they value it at.


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I work for a finance company so usually use our system to value cars etc... albeit that doesn't include any particular extra's or packs fitted, just the price for the model of the car


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I use mikebrewerbuysyourcar. Always a better price than most if the others.
They were great for our scirocco only £100 below autotrader average and no listing fees. Plus no hassel