Opinions regarding sport vs comfort dynamic suspension


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Dec 6, 2010
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I’m still just about able to change the configuration on my build and this is my final dilemma.

I have S-Line trim - sports suspension as standard but have currently opted for comfort dynamic for free

The sport trim comes with comfort dynamic and costs £325 to upgrade to sports suspension.

I feel therefore I’m giving away £325 in opting for comfort on an S-Line. Would be diffeeent if audi said it’s -£325 I’m opting for comfort but it’s not.

Has anybody any opinions on ride between the two - not bothered about an arch gap.

IMHO, it depends on how you drive and what you perceive as a good ride. There are a few posts on here about this very thing though if you have a quick rummage using the search facility. I can't directly comment as I have Adaptive Sport suspension, best of both worlds and a bit in between.

I see your point about cost. Way of the World I suppose....
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Hi thanks,

Do you notice a big difference on the adaptive in all honesty between sport and comfort then ? That’s a good comparison
Yeah, lots of difference. If I had to pick one mode permanently it would be comfort as I don't drive spiritedly enough of the time, once in a while only these days. E.g, original set of tyres on mine and approaching 30k miles.
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I have comfort. Don't notice the arch gap really any more.

It's very comfortable! And it handles well enough - I don't thrash it around though. Can't really compare it to Sport though as I've no way of doing it.

All the reviews seemed to say that Comfort was the one to get, and SWMBO definitely wanted comfort over sportiness!
I'll second what NeilHD says. I opted for Comfort Dynamic on my S-Line and am very happy with it. Not really bothered about the arch gap, it rides well and seems to handle well enough too. I don't have any experience of the passive Sports Suspension but some reviewers advised against it. Others on this forum love it though. Each to his own.

Didn't quite understand your £325 comment. The S-Line offers more stuff standard over the Sports model. One thing I would highlight is that the Sports Model comes with 17'' wheels whereas the S-Line comes up with 18'' wheels. The 18'' wheels may stiffen up the Comfort Dynamic suspension a little.
Actually I do understand your £325 comment now. I think it's just marketing. I don't believe it really costs Audi any more to install the Sports suspension instead of the standard suspension. More a ploy to encourage us up to the S-Line version.

You might want to think about whether you really need the S-Line version or would be fine with the Sports version (not suspension) , saving yourself some money.
Yeah thanks for the inputs,

I definitely want the S-line mainly for the ability to be able to spec matrix LEDs, the alcantara over the twin leather, the body kit and 18s as standard. The other bits are just bonuses.

I have settled on the sports suspension and notified my dealer of this. Difficult decision to make though!

Also - couldn't bring myself to spend £1050 to go from xenon to standard LED and then £150 for HBA when matrix LED is only a £500 uplift from HBA on the s-line.
That makes complete sense and I hope you'll enjoy your new A4 when it arrives. I'm certainly enjoying mine and 'vive la difference' on the suspension choice as they say.
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Yes the sports suspension will be fine, they tweaked it specially for our uk roads...
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Yes very subjective. I have Sports suspension on 18 in the S-LINE. It is quite soft and comfy compared to my Megane Cup. Turn in is pleasantly sharp too despite the cruise liner rack.
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Thanks all,

Happier now I have gone back to the sports setup I feel.
My test drives have been in the Sport set up and found it to be quite nice (coming from a 2016 A Class). I think the Sport suspension have been tuned for our slightly rougher UK roads. Didn't find it very harsh
Can't you have adaptive suspension and then choose depending on your mood?
I could but it falls down to cost. I think it's really hard to get the right balance with expensive cars - some options are really worth it while others are not / false economy.

Getting a good price and having 99% of the kit you will actually need is truly hard. This is a keeper car for us so don't want to break the bank but want a car that will last with a few goodies for many years to come so as not to tempt me to change again for a long time!!
If a keeper and you can stretch to it, I would go adaptive then. Like others have mentioned - best of both worlds.