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Opinions on this Intercooler please?

Mason-A3Sport Nov 26, 2009

  1. Mason-A3Sport

    Mason-A3Sport Audi Sport

    Right Looking for an FMIC, Finally getting round to start the modifications.... Recently fitted a Green cotton pannel filter, Milltek Downpipe, Decat and cat back system gets fitted this Thursday by revolution, Sachs paddle clutch and flywheel gets fitted in decmeber, i now need to buy a front mount, could i have your oppinions on this intercoolerplease, i was going to buy a forge fmic from revolution for £780 fitted, I know these are the dogs ballox but i cant justify spending an extra £550 if its not necesary if this one will be alright. After im finished i will be planning on a stage 2 remap, and in the future fit a hybrid Turbo, so want the fmic while ive got the cash and before the map. Its for a A3 sport PD130.

    Heres the link to the front mount, a few of my mates said forge is very good but you just pay for the name and said this one should be fine.
    Oppinions appriciated.

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  3. josh jenkins

    josh jenkins Registered User

    hi also have the same issue looking for a fmic for my pd1 30 audi!! struggling to find one that will fit correctly i spoke to darkside and they dont even make a fmic for them :? did you buy this kit on ebay ??? thanks josh
  4. VAG-Slag

    VAG-Slag Registered User

    it should flow well as all the pipework and core is 2.5"... The core is a little small though and may not provide sufficient heat transfer over a lager core. Either way it will be better than standard!

    Also, in my experience the pipe work in these ebay kits often looks a bit untidy. You're likely to loose your fogs and have pipe work hanging out the front.

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