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Hello All,

I have a 2010 s4 Avant that has had a Stage 1+ tune.

The car is likely going to go to the Automatic Gearbox Centre in Brighton to sort out a whine which is likely to be pinion bearing related.

The car, though, has been feeling lumpy if the lower gears and thanks to this forum, its probably a mechatronics issue. As yet there are no codes that have been flagged. Worryingly, very recently, when the car came to a stop and dropped into first there was a definite lurch to the point that I thought that someone had tapped me from behind!!

Anyway, what is the consensus of those that have had the repair kit fitted, did it resolve the issue? or have you had to go back and replace the unit?

I'm trying to decide, while the car is being looked at, whether to try the repair or just go straight to re-con and would appreciate some feedback from those that had the repair...

Thanks for reading


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I've just googled the part number for the kit, and pretty much all the search results say it's no longer available to buy.


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Thanks for the update jdp1962, and I appreciate you looking.

Have you had any feedback on this repair? Do you know if it’s only suitable for certain types of s-tronics?


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So I just fitted this kit 2 weeks ago. First of I had the same lurch issues as you have mentioned down shifting was terrible too. So I bought a transmission tune for it and stage 1 ecu from GIAC. It smoothed all down shifting out and got rid of the lurching. But low speed upshifting was still lumpy that's why I fitted the repair kit and to be honest it didnt really do anything I still have the lumpy upshifting at low speeds. I have now on order 034 transmission mount and ecs differential mounts which should arrive this week so I will let you know how they go.

So if you haven't got a transmission tune with your stage 1 tune I would get that, it makes a huge difference. Also try and get a transmission adaptation from someone who has a vcds. Then it will re learn your driving pattern.

Hope this helps


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Interesting, I don’t get the lumpy upshifts it’s just the down.

I have had the transmission Ecu checked for the latest version which it is. It hasn’t had an update to suit the engine ecu though. I can look into this. Shame that giac are so far away (west Sussex based).

When the transmission ecu was being checked they also made some adjustments to take up the wear in the clutch. Not much change to be honest.

Thanks for your suggestion. Shame that the repair didn’t work though.


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Just a brief update, the whirring sound was down to a wheel bearing, much to my relief!

I think I’m just a hypochondriac when it comes to the gearbox!

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So it’s been an interesting couple of months.
So after the wheel bearing things seemed to settle down for a bit.

The gearbox then started playing up, got very lumpy and lurching when going into drive and pulling off.

Interesting that when using manual mode it settled down even when putting it back into D. But not for long.

Anyway, took it to a place in Brighton who then did the mechatronic repair. This resolved all the issues and so felt rather good.

Until tonight. All good driving back from work, with a quick stop in Tesco. When setting off, the car moved about a foot and then all the errors appeared. Gearbox malfunction but can drive and no reverse. In fact I had nothing!!

So on short, if you’re in this situation forget the repair, just go straight for the replace!!

And breath.

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Sorry to hear that. It seems unfortunately true that the first version of that gearbox wasn't very good.


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So on short, if you’re in this situation forget the repair, just go straight for the replace!!

Pete may I ask with what gearbox is being used (later model/ version)? And how much is it costing?