Opensky problem, auto opens how to turn off?


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My car currently opens the opensky automatically when I start my car when the temperature is over or around ~27C. I am not sure if I did it in vagcom or not because I went thru all the menus for it and cannot find any option to diable it.

I ilke to add that the opensky opens if i use my key fob to roll down the windows. After a min or so I want to roll up the windows the opensky will open even more.

Anyone can help ?


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It may be a fault with the convenience module. Holding down the lock/unlock button on mine just operates the windows.


I also have an Opensky and was wondering if it is possible for the Roof to open and close just like the windows do when you hold down the lock/unlock button ?
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The sunroof options are usually found in the convenience module, 46 I believe. There are a range of options in there burns don't have a sunroof I can't confirm what effects each option has