Open day at Quattro Tech Cambridgeshire - 11th April


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Hi all

We've had a group buy on Revo remaps in the trading post section and one of the Sites taking part is Quattro Tech in St Ives.

They are holding a bit of an open day to introduce themselves and talk with fellow enthusiasts and of course, do the installations that are booked in.

Revo will also be attending and hope to bring a couple of cars down for you to see.

No purchases necessary, the more people to visit the merrier, Please feel free to pop down for a chat to some great, helpful and very knowledgable guys.

One of the guys has already had an S5 done and I've attached his comments below too.

Original post:

Quattro Tech, Cambridgeshire have confirmed Saturday 11th April

35% off Revo's standard retails for remap software
DSG software reduced to £199 + vat if done with a remap (usually £299+ vat)
10% off Revo hardware, Pulleys, Air intakes SPS switch etc
10% off all Milltek exhausts plus free fitting
preferential rates on any additional Labour (fitting or service work, would need booking in)

Saturday 11th will be a mini open day, with as many members welcome to visit. If you are unable to attend, fitment can be arrange within 14 days (either way before/after) if booked in and deposit paid before Saturday 11th.
Kelvin says he may even BBQ for lunch

Quattro Tech - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda specialists
Unit 10c, Harding Way, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 3WR
Tel: 01480 464 869 /

Quattro Tech Staff:

S5 3.0T - installed 2nd April 2015:

So, managed to get booked in earlier than originally planned for the work, consisting of:
- Revo stage 1+ remap
- Revo pulley upgrade
- Revo DSG remap
- Milltek catback exhaust (non-res, quad black tips)
- 034Motorsport Transmission Mount install
Wow – what a difference!! Dave took me out after the work was complete (took nearly all day - quattro–tech are perfectionists which is a good thing!), and showed me the difference between stock (including pulley change of course) and then the full-on performance remap. Awesome – the torque increase in phenomenal and marries well with the DSG changes. I’m still getting used to the change – it needs careful handling! What gets me is how easy it is to drive normally – just put into drive select “auto” or “comfort” mode (staying out of sport mode!) and the car is a pussy cat. In dynamic mode things are a bit more lively – I found the best way to get the most out of the upgrades is to use manual mode as the auto downshifts, although much quicker, are still not quick enough. The Milltek is very good too - I was worried about drone as I went for the non-resonated version, but unlike the Milltek on my V8 S5, there is none at all.

Would I recommend this to anyone else? Most definitely! Not cheap, but given that I now have a sub 3.7 0–60mph car, it’s good value.

Now for the guys at quattro-tech – what a great team. I and am very impressed with their attitude and company ethos, taking time out to discuss what is happening with my car and were genuinely interested in what I had to say. If you need something doing, these are the guys to go to. I can’t thank Dave, Darryl or Kelvin enough for all they have done – cheers guys.


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Nothing planned DB

You mean as an open day, Local meet or a Revo deal?


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Hi DB, just got confirmation from Quattro Tech, they would be happy to let you meet on their car park.
In addition they would like to be a part of it either just to chat etc and/or throw a BBQ or something as well.

I've spoken with Kelvin, and he's said to give him a bell if you want to set something up :D