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Online traffic

gforrow Oct 25, 2018

  1. gforrow

    gforrow Member

    I am looking at going back into the dealer tomorrow and kicking off about the lack of online traffic again.

    Basically all of Audi connect works, Google maps etc, but no traffic. It fails to interrogate my license which has been confirmed as active by Audi UK and Germany. I bought the car with tech pack as I knew I'd be on the motorway a lot, but haven't had the service active since May when I got the car. The myAudi app states car linked and license is ok.

    Any clues anyone? Anyone else with an A1 with a sim card in it that can check?

    If I change the map to traffic, I get a message stating, no online traffic available.

    It's driving me mad, almost as mad as the notchy steering :)


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