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One to avoid

harley141213 Feb 9, 2018

  1. harley141213

    harley141213 Member

    almost got my fingers burnt today. Went to collect an A4 190 s line quattto from bradford. Paid my deposit via paypal. 3 trains and 75 miles to get there. Car sounded good on description back ip by sellers messages. Got there and soon as i walked out of train station the 1st thing i saw was this black A4, every window heavily misted up. Worn switches, not very well spec’d drove it for approx 15 minutes. Drove ok ish then found the new tyres had been new, well at some point? All 4 down to tread wear indicators! Hardly any paper work, so walked
    To be fair to the bloke he has refunded my deposit, but that was always going to happen if i disputed with paypal. Anyway its back for sale but now on gumtree. One to avoid unless you fancy growing cress, youd get a good crop from it
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