One of the nicest B7's I've ever seen


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Went to YMS (Yorkshire Modified show) at the weekend and came across this absolute beauty.

Some serious work gone into it.





Tent was really crowded shame I couldn't get more pics.


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I have to say not really my cup of tea chap.

Each to their own though, looks like some good quality work has gone into it.


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I'll admit I don't like the choice of colour but the amount of work gone into it and how well done it is impresses me.

I'm Just Rob.

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I have to say that's 110% workmanship , not sure about a few areas including the wheels and engine bay.....the roof box is deffo not my idea of a good mod but hey as far as custom B7's go its certainly different and shows what can be done, some good mods all the same , really like the quality of the paint work, outstanding.


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Nice! Must of cost a fortune doing that, especially as it's a 140bhp 2.0tdi, suprised the guy didn't go RS4 grille, euro/different plates and a flat bottom steering wheel but each to their own. I mean with the amount of cash those wheels, RS4 seats and all that leather wrap costs I'd probably have to live in the car.


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Each to there own, but there are a few members on here i would rather have there cars.....

but fair play to him if hats what he likes.