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Old Audi Dealer Code 00328 (2005-2006)

Jlambert Feb 12, 2018

  1. Jlambert

    Jlambert Registered User

    After a recent purchase I contacted my local dealer for previous service information.

    As usual it comes up with a comprehensive list of all the work completed, but with only the dealer codes.
    I've identified all the dealers apart from one. I even rang Audi UK and they said their database only goes back to 2009 and they have no way of telling me which dealer it was.

    I've consulted my Audi Centre Directory, and that found one I couldn't identify before, but Dealer number 00328 doesn't appear in either the 09/04 or the 10/06 ones I have.

    All the work was carried out between may and june 2006, it visited this dealership 4 times in that time.

    All the other dealerships it visited where in the London area, but it could have been anywhere!

    Anyone with a 2005-2006 Audi Centre Directory (booklet in your service history the date is on the back) I'd really appreciate you having a quick look through and see if its identified. It's the number in bold to the right of the dealer name. Will Read 328.




    Thanks Joe

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