Ok this is it people, what shall i go for?


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Both 1.6 sport

1999 V reg Grey, Climate control £6200 55000 miles

2000 W reg Silver, NO climate control £5800 52000 miles

Both good nick

full audi service

What shall i do ?



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What about mileage?

based on the info above the CC and the fact that it's one year older does not justify a 400 quid difference. Are the interiors the same, is one in perfect and the other in good condition.....too many deciding factors to base purely on CC, age and price.

On the face of it you'd take the newer one, but I wouldn't want any car these days that i buy not to have air con/climate control.


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I would personally go for the one with climate control, their can only be between 1-6 months between the regs (i think). And will make resale of the car easier, do you see many A3's without climate ??

I'm sure it was an extra on my 98 A3 T sport, but that was a long time ago.


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Take the older one, they were probably built at the same time, just registered a few months apart and you've gotta have CC.


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Definetely the older one with CC. Think this was a £1k option (?) for this year of production.

The grey will look better too. A few too many silver 1.6s out there I think....

Rob W8

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Older one with CC. It is a no brainer really, plus I think the grey car will be a little more individual than the silver one. Will probably give you a few more miles between washes as it will hide the dirt as.

I dont mean to offend anyone with a silver car (normally TT owners!!!). I had a mare selling my silver 206 as everyone was selling silver ones as well!.

You will love having gone for the climate control in the summer


Do you have pics?


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Good luck Rick...i'll just add my considerable bulk (weight) to the Climate Control support. . I wouldn't buy a car now without it. Especially not an Audi.

Age ain't nothin but a number /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Its how the car has been cared for etc.

Just checked out the link and from the angle the picture is shot - looks very clean car. And i like dophin grey. Note front alloy either has a nick or led attached for balancing. Can't tell. Looks like led. But just a heads up on that.

Apart from that....we wait with bated breath!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Rob W8

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Go for it mate. How can it not look good with the RS4's on it?

Hope its still there, looking forward to seeing pics soon, go careful now!


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go for the grey mate its a good colour and the climate control is well worth it. If you worried about the year get yourself a cheap personalised plate and no one will know


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ok had a look today, looks good but the colour is mineral grey. i think i am gioing to go for it, just hope it looks good with tints and rs4 and spoiler (if i can get my old one back)


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Mineral Grey is the better choice, I just bought a 98 Merlin Purple 1.8T sport yesterday......and I'm loving it..