Oil top up required

Neil Wilkinson

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Ok so today on my way home the oil light came on saying top up 1 litre but still safe to drive. Now considering I had new pistons, con rods etc almost 2 years ago FOC by Audi I’m a little concerned as it’s the first time the oil light has come on since the repair.

Now I know these Audi’s are thirsty on oil and I do drive it hard at times so maybe it’s just natural consumption but still got me worried that the issue has come back (can it come back after the repair??) My local mechanic changed the oil I’d say within the last 12 months so not as if is been 2 years since oil changed, by which I’d expect a little top up.

Has anyone else experienced this AFTER the repair?

Thanks in advance


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Assuming it was actually topped up to the max mark after the service 1L in 11k miles is nothing. Thats very low oil usage so I wouldn't be worried.


Grumpy Old Man


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You can buy a real dipstick for them :) (not sure on part number )

Too clever an idea by far!
Though, I think that you should take that advice, the part number can be found elsewhere - just get your local Audi dealer to order one in, don't say what car it is for though!

Edit:- I've just removed the dip stick p/n I posted as it was for an S4!