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Oil Suction Pumps

mickyh7 Sep 12, 2019

  1. mickyh7

    mickyh7 Guest

    Does anyone use an electric or
    vacuum pump to change their oil?
    What type, are they any good?
    How much did you pay?
    Do you trust them?
    Any comments at all please,I'm fed up of lying on the ground removing plastic to get to the sump plug.
    And I refuse to pay over £100 for a simple oil and filter change !
    Thanks in anticipation.
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  3. Retroman

    Retroman Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)

    Yes I've used one for years where I can - on a few cars they don't work so well i.e. my daughter's Toyota Aygo as it has a strange "sideways" dipstick and a cannister oil filter which requires you to get underneath the car to remove it.

    I use the hand vacuum pump PELA 6000 which you can get for under £40

    They are most useful where the oil filter is also topside as with many VAG/BMW cars - thus no crawling around under the car at all :highly amused:

    My current Audi A3 TDI engine seems to have some sort of baffling in the sump which stops the probe reaching the oil and so I can't use it on this car :calm:

    It works fine on my wife's BMW/Mini and my BMW Z3

    The probe on the PELA is reinforced with metal and so does not bend/curl in the hot oil and thus reaches the bottom of the sump. The oil needs to be nice and warm to be able to get sucked out reasonably quickly via the narrow tube

    Many dealers use commercial versions these days and the small city SMART cars were even made with no sump plug and so had to use this method.
  4. mickyh7

    mickyh7 Guest

    I have an A7 3.0 TDI
    I'm hoping I can use a pump to do it.
    Information is King as they say !
    Hopefully someone will let me know if its possible?
    Thanks for posting!
  5. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Active Member

    I have a sealey one and use it for pretty much all oil changes. Manages perfectly well to extract all the oil out of every car. I monitor how much comes out compared to vehicles stated capacity so i know ive got it out. Had a small amount extracted on a passat 2017 so had to drain from the bottom on that one but no biggy as the stup!d filter was underneath anyway
    Tube wouldnt fit the range rover sport i had in so that was pain.
    Works fine on my A6,A3,A5's etc
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