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oil pump issues 2010 2.0tdi.

audi nut May 6, 2012

  1. audi nut

    audi nut New Member

    just put down a deposit on a6 2.0tdi 134ps auto. on jan.2010 plate .
    just now read lots of failures on oil pumps on 2.0tdi . my engine code starts with cag.
    does anyone know if this engine model is also prone to this problem ? would be great to get some feedback .
    should i not buy this car ?
  2. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    i am not 100% certain but i think the problem with the oil pumps was on the early 2.0 tdi . audi sorted the issue late 2007 early 2008 i have not heard of any issues with later models
  3. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Audi changed the 2.0 engine when they did the facelift in 2008 (new one available in 2 versions 134bhp and 177bhp) so your engine is the new one that is not plagued by the oil pump issue
  4. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    I think this was sorted in the CR units
  5. swiftguy

    swiftguy New Member

    I was just about to ask the same question. I've set my mind on buying an A6 auto around 09 plate (facelift model), then came across these really awful oil pump issues which kill the engine!! - horrific!! kind of thinking twice about buying the car.

    I'm coming from a Lexus GS300 car which I've had no end of trouble (engine and gearbox are solid, just ABS pump and suspension related probs) , so don't fancy getting into another mess, just want some stress free and reliable driving!

    Reading the above posts, buying the facelift model (i.e. with the rear rectangular led lights) won't have this oil pump failure problem?

    OP, would be interested in what deal you got for you A6 auto.
    I'm thinking of buying one from auction this week. first time auction buyer so fingers crossed.


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