oil pressure warning light


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my oil pressure light pops up every now and then, vagcom says its a short to ground, is this simply a new sensor needed or another issue? thanks guys daz


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i had something similar, no faults on vag com though... had to get a new dash pod at the cost of 385! :-(

maybe try replacing one of the instrument cluster fuses, think they are numbers 11 and 15, 5amp.


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Oil pressure warning is not a good sign.

I'd say stop driving it, and get it checked out for engine damage where carbon deposits have formed from not using synthetic oils. This sludge may kill your oil pump and engine, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

Get it checked asap.


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Hi guys, anyone know what oil pressure the amk engine should read, in the book i had it didnt show the amk but did show similar and they all seemed diffrent. The tt was around 3-4.5 bar but the octivia engine was about 2 bar both at 2000rpm.