Oil Light comes on at high revs


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This problems been niggling for a few weeks since the cars low down air intakes got blocked up with snow whilst driving, although I appreciate it could be coincidence.

Anyway, the car is fine at low revs and when cold, but when warm, and driven hard the oil light comes on sometimes (not everytime, I wouldn't say there is a set pattern to when it comes on, just sporadically when driven hard and the engine is warm, although if the car has been running a while, say after a 100ml motorway journey, then driven hard on the b road before home, it's more likely to come on, than if its just been going 10 minutes and driven hard). It goes of again on switching the ignition off and back on, or driving at lower revs for 10 seconds or so.

Any idea's as to what this could be?

Did the obvious change the filter/oil but not making any difference. No unusual noises, and the car isn't down in power in anyway.

Car is a 2002 S3, and has did just over 95,000mls. It has been remapped, and has always been serviced on schedule.
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Might have a sludgy sump, where moisture has emulsified some oil and blocking the oil pump suction strainer. Seems to be common with this engine from what I've read. I'll be taking my sump off in the next few weeks to check mine.


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See what I'm thinking is, there maybe a partial blockage somewhere. When the car is driven hard the engines demand for oil is greater, and I suppose the oil light may come on if it getting not quite enough.

Any other feedback.


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Get your oil pressure checked - the pump could be weak and it shows up when the oil gets hot and thin. You don't want to damage your bearings. Oil pressure switches frequently operate at 2.5psi and a good pressure is around 40psi off the top of my head. The high revs symptom does suggest the flow is restricted however.


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personally i would not drive it hard until the problem has been recified... look at how many other people are posting on here with dead engines.

is your lump particularly sludgy?


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sump off and check the strainer first
top end will be the first to rattle

severe damage will ensue if driven whilst oil pressure has failed