Oil Level Sensor


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Hey guys, been a while. Big changes in my work and personal life just haven't allowed me the time to devote to any of my favorite things over the last year, it's all been a bit mental really.

Still got the tqs and fast approaching 200k. Winter has seen the bodywork taking a further battering and it's deffo now just a hack car and I've given up cleaning it completely.
Had no problems with it at all until now.

I'm getting an intermittent oil sensor warning and also the oil temp gauge has gone intermittent too. Does the oil level sensor do the oil temp as well or do I have two separate issues?

Cheers :)


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I'm holding off until oil change time [no s##t they say lol] but it's annoying having the sensor warning coming up intermittently..think it's best to bite the bullet and get one from the stealers as the non Hella types either don't work or go tits up.


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Thanks for the replies. Gonna check out the wiring first. Seems quite a price range on these sensors. £18 upwards on ebay towards what GSF want at £75. God knows what vag charge for um!