Oil Level not available


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Hi, I have decided to do as much as I can from now on to save costs and changed the oil & Filter today on my A4 Avant B8 2.7 tdi (V6) I have no information available when I check the level on the MMI
I put in 8L as I read it tales 8.3L Do you think I can safely drive my car to warm up the engine and try another check? I need to go to the hospital very soon to visit my mother and really need to check the oil level.
Any advice gladly received.
Also if anyone can give me a part number for a dipstick that will be my next purchase.


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Yes, buy a dipstick. Recently serviced our A4 2.0TDI and were supplied 5L of oil because thats what should have been enough. Well after an oil & filter change with 5L of oil going back in the dipstick was only half way.

Sure that's fine, but I like to fill up to the max mark. Had to go out and buy another 1L bottle of oil. All in all it took 5.75L, so always best to check with a dipstick than to simply hope for the best while the sensors re-calibrate after an oil / filter change.


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The engine oil dipstick is a perfect example of a technology that didn't need updating. :)