Oil Leak (1.8T AJL)

Mr K

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Whilst under the car at the weekend I noticed that the sump is oily again on the drivers side. I cleaned it off after changing the oil a week or so prior. It doesnt look to be a bad leak, but I want to sort it out.

Before I start hunting it down, are there any common leaks that I should be looking for down the drivers side? I.e. rocker cover, sump, oil drain from turbo etc?


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all of the above :)

Start at the top and work down i guess!

Mr K

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Ok! Was hoping there would be a common leak.

Will give it a good clean then see where it re-emerges from.


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Camshaft seal also check the one behind position sensor, rocker cover gasket, headgasket also check the timing belt tensioner damper as these can leak.